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1. KEPLER CODE PROLOGUE – Emily Fennell narration

2. LITTLE WONDER – Emily Fennell vocal

3. ONLY TIME WILL TELL – Emily Fennell vocal, Andy Thompson piano and accordion, Don Reed violin

4. VANCOUVER KID – Paul McKay vocal/narration

5. WHISKERED WALRUS RAG – Rob Phillips piano

6. WILDWOOD LULLABY – Colleen Peterson & Willie P. Bennett duet, Doug Banwell soprano sax solo

7. DEEPEST TIE THAT BINDS – Emily Fennell vocal, Garth Hudson organ

8. PRAYER FOR THE PLANET – Rob Phillips piano

9. COUNT ME IN – Suzie Vinnick vocal, Doug Banwell alto sax solo

10. JUST ANOTHER KID IN GRACELAND – Georgette Fry & Willie P. Bennett duet, Clifford Maynes guitar solo

11. MEXICO MORNING – Suzie Vinnick & Paul McKay duet

12. CHRISTMAS EVE WALTZ – Emily Fennell & Paul McKay duet

13. OCEAN ANTHEM – Doug Banwell bass clarinet & baritone sax duet

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